Best Pool Drainage Sump Pump Reviews 2021 (Top-Picks)

For you to enjoy and make the best use of your swimming pool, you will have to maintain it regularly. As you well know, most of the maintenance activities should be done during the off-season months. You will be required to drain excess water regularly, and this is only possible if you have the best pool drainage sump pump.

During the off-season months, there will be excess water from rain or melting snow, and you must drain the excess water. Otherwise, it is going to cause damage. With the right sump pump, you won’t have to worry about draining pool water.

Now that you understand the importance of a pool drainage sump pump, which models should you buy? Well, that is the main subject of this post. After a lot of research and testing, I have compiled ten of the top-rated sump pumps you can count on to do the job. What’s more? I will walk you through the entire process of choosing the right sump pump for draining a swimming pool. Stick with me because you have a lot to learn in this post.

Top 10 Best Pool Drainage Sump Pumps Reviews

If you are looking for a sump pump, you will notice that there are so many brands in the market. Not every model is reliable or worth your money. In this section, I will review some of the best pool drainage sump pumps you can purchase.


Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump

The Superior Pump 91250 utility pump tops our list, and it is an excellent unit for those who are looking to empty their backyard pools quickly. Apart from emptying swimming pools, you can use it to remove water spills in window wells, utility rooms, basements, and rooftops as well. Below are some of the key attributes of this light-duty pump.

One of the things that I like about this sump pump is its design. You will notice that it features a rugged and compact design for durability purposes. This pump is made using rigid thermoplastic structures to ensure that it provides you with several years of service without corroding. Besides, the Superior Pump 91250 features a sleek and compact design, which means it can fit in a small space of up to 6 inches.

When it comes to performance, the 91250 Superior Pump does not disappoint. It has been designed to provide reliable and consistent domestic use. This electric pump has a 0.25 horsepower motor that can pump 30 gallons of water per minute. Moreover, the motor has enough power to pump water 25 vertical feet upwards.

The good thing about the 91250 Superior Pump is that it comes with multiple discharge hookup options. By this, I mean that you can connect a discharge hose or a garden hose as well. The pump comes with a ¾ inches garden hose pipe adapter that makes it possible to connect your garden hosepipe.

Product Highlights

  • Features a thermoplastic construction
  • Comes with 0.25HP split capacity motor
  • It is UL/CUL Listed, and CSA certified
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty
  • Comes with a garden hose adapter
  • Has a strong 3.8 amp motor
  • It comes with a 10 ft. Power cord


  • It has a carrying handle thus making it easy to transport
  • Features a compact and sleek design which means it can fit in a small space
  • Comes with an intake screen that prevents debris from clogging the pump
  • It is made using a durable thermoplastic material
  • Can move up to 1800 gallons per hour


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Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump

Wayne Water Systems have proved to be of great quality, and that is why so many people like to go for Wayne sump pumps. Amazingly, Wayne WAPC250 is one of the best models you can use to drain your swimming pool. Let’s see what makes this pump stand out from the rest.

Unlike most brands, Wayne pumps have a reputation of draining water at a fast rate, and this is what you get when you purchase the WAPC250 model. Apart from being fast, the WAPC250 pump is pretty consistent. This sump pump has a ¼ inch motor that has the capability of removing 3000 gallons of water per hour. The strength of this pump allows it to discharge water even at 15ft above the ground.

The other cool thing about the WAPC250 is the fact that it comes with plenty of features. For instance, it has an Automatic Free Protection feature that protects the pump throughout the winter. Secondly, it has an iSwitch that automatically turns your pump on and off.

Product Highlights

  • iSwitch Sensing Technology
  • 25 ft. power cord
  • Oil-free pump
  • Up to 3000 GPH flow rate
  • Features a sealed thermoplastic construction
  • Automatic On/off water removal


  • It has a 3-years warranty
  • Has a strainer base that minimizes clogging
  • Comes with a ¾ garden hose adapter
  • It can work as a submersible pump
  • This pump is energy efficient


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Some users complain about the pump clogging easily

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Yescom 3/4HP 2640GPH 550W Submersible Water Pump

The other great option is this submersible pump by Yescom. Most homeowners like it because of its affordable price tag and its overall performance as well. With this submersible sump pump, it will be easier for you to drain excess water from your pool. Since it is a versatile pump, you can use it to remove water from a shallow flooded area, a bathtub, a basement, or a pond. Below are some of the features I like about the Yescom 2640GPH 550W submersible pump.

Once you purchase the Yescom ¾ HP 2640GPH submersible pump, you can rest assured that you have spent your money on one of the best sump pumps for pool drainage. For instance, this pump is equipped with a heavy-duty motor that can run underwater for up to 23ft. The best thing about the motor is that it runs quietly.

The other fantastic feature about the Yescom 2640GPH is the fact that it comes with an automatic switch. You don’t have to switch this pump manually because it automatically turns on and shuts off, depending on the water level. As you can expect with most submersible pumps, Yescom features a heavy-duty engineered Resin Construction. With this construction, the pump can serve you for a long time without getting damaged.

Product Highlights

  • Runs underwater up to 23ft
  • Drains 2640 gallons of water per hour
  • Built-in automatic shut off mechanism
  • Oil-cooled electric motor
  • UL Certification


  • Has a powerful motor that operates silently
  • Features a weather-resistant construction
  • It is designed for both household and utility use
  • Comes with an automotive thermal overload protector
  • It is affordable as compared to other sump pumps


  • It does not last for a long time
  • It does not come with a garden hose adapter

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DEKO Sump Pump 1HP 3302GPH 750W Submersible Water Pump

If you have a tight budget and you are looking for a pump you can use to drain your swimming pool, then you might consider buying the DEKO Submersible Pump. It is a great sump pump that most homeowners will love. DEKO may not be as popular as WAYNE or Zoeller pumps, but their 3302GPH model is pretty good. Below are some of the key attributes you might like about this submersible.

Although this pump is cheap, it is designed to offer fantastic performance. With its 750 Watt, 1 HP motor, it can handle any draining job in a very short time. As its name suggests, it has a 3302 Gallon Per Hour Rating, which is remarkable. This pump should be enough to drain flooded areas, cellars, swimming pools, and garden ponds.

As is the norm with new sump pumps, Deko comes with an auto float switch. The switch should control when the pump should turn on or off.  This vertical float switch will activate the pump to run once the water level rises above 4.7 inches. On the other hand, it will disconnect the power once the water levels drop below 4.7 inches.

The fact that this is a submersible pump tells you that it is built using high-quality materials. It features a rugged thermoplastic construction to ensure that the body won’t corrode. The body is designed in a manner that won’t expose any metallic parts to water.

Product Highlights

  • Comes with an auto float switch
  • Features a Thermoplastic composite construction
  • Has a 3302GPH rating
  • Compatible with 1 & ¼ and 1 & ½ inch hoses
  • Requires 750W to power it


  • It is affordable as compared to the popular brands
  • It works pretty fast since it has a 1HP motor
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Comes with an auto vertical float switch
  • Has a good flow rate of up to 3302 Gallons per hour


  • Might not last for long
  • Does not have a built-in alarm

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Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant is one of the most famous names when it comes to water pumps and pool cover pumps. The 5-APCP Automatic pump is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for a reliable pool drainage pump. Let’s see why the 5-APCP is a good option for most pool covers.

As the name suggests, the Little Giant 5-APCP Automatic pump comes with a 1/6 HP motor. This motor is strong enough to drain water from your pool cover and other areas as well. Besides, the pump removes water at a flow rate of about 1200 gallons per hour. This tells you that the pump does a perfect job when it comes to getting rid of melting snow and rainwater.

The other cool thing about the 5-APCP automatic pump is the fact that it comes with the auto on/off feature. With this feature, the pump will automatically turn on when the water level hits 2.3 inches. Once the water level decreases to 0.5 to 1.5 inches, then the pump will automatically shut off. At least you won’t have to switch on the pump manually every time it starts raining. This pool cover pump comes with a detachable stabilizing plate that should come in handy when you want to drain water from above ground pool covers.

Product Highlights

  • Comes with a garden hose adapter
  • Has a removable piggyback switch
  • Comes with a removable stabilizing plate
  • Allows for both automatic and manual operation
  • 1-inch FNPT discharge
  • CSA listed


  • It is designed to last for a very long time
  • This pump is submersible, and it is made using weather-resistant materials
  • It comes with a 25-foot power cord
  • It has 2 years of warranty
  • Comes with an automatic switch that activates depending on the water level


  • It is a bit more expensive than most sump pumps
  • Some users say that it tends to overheat

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FLUENTPOWER Electric Submersible Pump

The Electric submersible pump by FLUENTPOWER has also proved its prowess in draining water. It is one of the latest sump pumps to hit the market in the last five years. Despite being new, it has won the hearts of most customers because of its performance. The good thing about this submersible pump is the fact that it is affordable. Below are a few other things that make the FLUENTPOWER Submersible pump standout.

This electric pump by FLUENTPOWER offers a solid performance despite being cheap. It is capable of draining 2100 gallons of water per hour as long as you use a 1.5-inch discharge port. With its 1/3 HP motor, this pump can lift water up to 16.4ft. The other awesome thing about this pump is that it can work with dirty water. This has been made possible by its 25mm solid passage, which allows particles to pass through the pump without causing clogs.

As you would expect with most new models, the FLUENTPOWER pump comes with a float switch. The switch is responsible for turning ON/OFF the pump when the water level rises or drops. You can also choose to control the pump manually by hanging up the float to the ON position.

Product Highlights

  • Has a 2100 GPH Flow Rate
  • 1/3 HP electrical submersible pump
  • Comes with a copper motor wire
  • Comes with a 26.2ft cable cord
  • Has an automatic float switch


  • It can pump dirty water as long as the particles are less than 25mm
  • The pump is quiet when running
  • Installing this pump is relatively easy
  • Comes with a handle that makes it easy to transport
  • It has an upgrading sealing structure that prevents water from reaching the motor and metallic parts


  • It is not durable
  • Its horsepower is not that great

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Professional EZ Travel Collection Swimming Pool Drain Pump

If you are looking for a pool drain pump that works pretty fast, then you should consider purchasing the Professional EZ Travel Collection Submersible pump. The performance and features of this sump pump are some of the things that make it a good buy. Yes, it might be a bit expensive, but it offers great value for your money. Let’s see what this pump is all about.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this pump is totally submersible, and this makes it the perfect pump to drain water from a swimming pool. Besides, it comes with a 25-foot discharge hose that should direct the water to where it is supposed to flow. What’s better? You can use this sump pump to drain a pond, tub, fountain, tank, and other water features as well.

As you would expect of submersible pumps, this model is made using a heavy-duty material to ensure that it can serve you for several years. The casting of this pump is impact resistant, and this means you won’t have to worry about the pump breaking if you drop it. Besides, it comes with a waterproof cord so as to prevent water from coming into contact with the naked wires.

Product Highlights 

  • It drains up to 3700 gallons per hour
  • Comes with a drain hose and hose clamp
  • 25-foot waterproof cord
  • Comes with an adjustable spigot
  • Has a 1.5 Horse Power


  • It has enough power to empty a swimming pool
  • Can be used to drain tanks, ponds and hot tubs
  • It is easy to set up
  • It does not make loud noises
  • It is made using a durable material


  • Costs a bit more than most popular sump pumps
  • Has a narrow base that makes it difficult to stand on the pool cover

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Green Expert 203618 1/4HP Submersible Utility Pump

The Green Expert utility pump is an excellent option for people who are looking for an energy-efficient pump. With this utility pump, you’ll find it easy to maintain your swimming pool during the off-season months. Besides, the pump can also deal with floods in the basement, and stagnated water in your yard. Below are a few features you might like about the Green Expert 203618.

As is the case with most sump pumps, the Green Expert is made using a thermoplastic shell. With this kind of material, the pump can withstand any kind of damage. You do not have to worry about this unit getting damaged by water or other weather elements. This explains why the manufacturer has backed this unit up with a 1-year limited warranty.

The other good thing is that this pump offers an automatic operation. You just have to plug the pump to an electrical outlet, and it will be ready to go. Once you have it fixed in the right position, the pump will drain any standing water to around 1/5 of an inch. The pump comes with a 25 feet power cord, which means it will be easy to reach the nearby electrical outlet.

This pump is equipped with a copper wire PSC motor that produces ¼ HP output power. You can count on it to dewater up to 1585 gallons per hour at 0 ft. What more? The motor has a strong power conversion but a lower electricity consumption than its competitors.

Product Highlights

  • Simple plug-in operation
  • Max Flow rate of 1585 GPH
  • Can lift water up to 27.8 feet
  • It is UL Certified
  • Comes with 2 plastic garden hose adapters


  • The pump is relatively quiet when running
  • It is easy to carry as it weighs a mere 8.3lb.
  • Comes with a 25 feet waterproof cord
  • It features a thermoplastic construction that is corrosion-resistant
  • It is backed with a 1-year limited warranty


  • Not suitable for emptying hot water
  • Might damage the motor if you run the pump without water

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Homdox 1HP Sump Pump

Most of you have never heard about Homdox until now. It is a new brand in the industry, but it is already competing with several popular brands. The Homdox submersible sump pump has everything you need, and it’s available at a very affordable price. Let’s check out some of the features that customers are raving about.

Homdox has done a nice job with this submersible sump pump. Getting a pump that can drain up to 3566 gallons per hour is no joke. This particular pump can empty a large swimming pool within 10 to 12 hours. With its 1HP oil-cooled electric motor, this unit can easily achieve high power pumping capacity. You can use this sump pump to move water from ponds, tanks, flooded backyard, and basements as well.

The other awesome feature about this pump is the fact that its outlet can be adapted to accommodate three fittings with varying diameters. As you probably know, if you want to achieve a high GPH, then you should use a wider outlet and vice versa. Besides, the Homdox Sump Pump comes with an automatic float switch that controls when the pump turns ON/OFF.

Product Highlights

  • Has a max submersion depth of 16.4 Ft
  • Has a 3566 GPH Max Flow Rate
  • Max Supple Height of 29.5 Feet
  • Comes with three fittings with varying diameter
  • Comes with a small air vent


  • It has a thermoplastic body that can resist corrosion
  • Has thermal overload protection for safety purposes
  • Comes with an automatic float switch
  • It is ideal for draining clean water from hot tubs, pools, tanks, garden pond and flood areas
  • It is affordable


  • Consumes a lot of power
  • This pump is not durable

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WAYNE WWB WaterBUG Submersible Pump

Our final pick in this roundup article happens to be the WAYNE WWB WaterBUG. Most homeowners might have used this pump to deal with basement flooding. This pump might look small, but it will help you drain water from your swimming pool. Below are some of the features you might like about this submersible pump.

As much as homeowners are switching to automatic sump pumps, there are still those who prefer manual pumps. If you are one of them, the WAYNE WWB WaterBUG might be a good option for you. The performance of this submersible pump is decent, considering that it has 1/6 Horsepower. It can drain up to 1350 gallons per hour at zero feet and 600 gallons per hour at 20 feet. The power of this pump allows you to deal with flooding easily.

The other awesome thing about this pump is the fact that it is assembled in the USA. Its outer casing is made using a thermoplastic composite material to ensure that it will last for several years. At least you don’t have to worry about the pump getting damaged by acidic water or weather elements as well.

Product Highlights

  • It features a thermoplastic construction
  • Has a maximum Flow Rate of 1350GPH
  • Comes with a ¾- inches garden hose discharge adapter
  • It is assembled in the USA
  • Multi-flow technology


  • The size of the pump makes it ideal for removing water from tight spaces
  • It can remove water down to 1/16 inch
  • Its versatility allows you to use the pump in a flooded basement, yard and to remove water from fish tanks, ponds and other water features
  • Its side discharge outlet makes it ideal for removing water from flat open surfaces
  • Does not consume much power


  • It might take longer to empty a swimming pool
  • You have to switch it on and off manually

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Types of Pool Drainage Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a must-have for pool owners who are looking to keep their swimming pools in good condition. Before you go ahead and purchase a pump, you should know the different types of sump pump that exist. The kind of pump you choose depends on your home’s specific needs. Below are the two common types of pool drainage sump pumps you can get.

  • Pedestal Sump Pump

A pedestal sump pump is basically a standalone motor and a hose that feeds into the swimming pool. When using a pedestal pump, the motor should not be submerged in the water.  This is why the pump comes with a hose that acts as the water intake. The problem with pedestal sump pumps is the fact that they lack enough power to pump out large amounts of water.

  • Submersible Sump Pump

The other common type is a submersible sump pump. It is the most common pump that homeowners use to drain water from swimming pools and pool covers. As its name suggests, the pump can be submerged in water because the motor and pump are both enclosed. These pumps are built using waterproof materials to ensure that it does not get damaged by water.


Pros And Cons of the Pool Drainage Sump Pump

Before you decide on whether you should invest in a pool drainage sump pump, it is only fair that we highlight its advantages and disadvantages as well.


Below are some of the advantages that come with using a sump pump:

  • Easy Installation

Unlike most home improvement tools, you will find that sump pumps are relatively easy to install. Manufacturers always attach a manual that should guide you on how to go about the installation process. You do not require any professional help to set up the pump in your pool.

  • High-quality Construction

Most of the sump pumps we have reviewed in this roundup article are made using strong and durable materials. You do not have to worry about corrosion or any other type of damage when you purchase a submersible sump pump.

  • Multi-use

Although you might be buying a sump pump for pool drainage, you will be surprised by how versatile these units are. You can use it to drain water from a basement, ponds, and the yard as well.

  • Incredible Performance

The other advantage you get when you use a sump pump is its incredible performance. These little units are capable of draining up to 3000+ gallons of water per hour. A sump pump with a high flow rate will empty your swimming pool in a short time.


Below are some of the drawbacks that are associated with using sump pumps:

  • Noise

A few companies are doing their best to come up with quiet sump pumps, but most of them can be a bit loud. Always make sure that the pump you are about to buy operates silently.

  • Aesthetics

The other disadvantage is the fact that most sump pumps do not have an attractive design. Introducing one to your backyard or swimming pool will definitely mess up with the aesthetics. Anyway, this is not an issue that should bother you.


How To Install A Sump Pump In The Pool?

Installing a sump pump in your swimming pool is pretty much straightforward. However, the method of installation might differ depending on the type of pump you have. Below is a step by step process on how to set up your pool drainage sump pump.

Before you get started, ensure that the electrical line you are using is long enough to avoid functionality issues. In case the pump you have comes with a short cable, you might need to use a waterproof extension cord. Once you confirm that everything is okay, find the ideal location to place your pump. In most cases, you should place it in the deep end of the swimming pool.

Once you place your pump in the swimming pool, confirm whether the float switch can move freely and it’s functioning in the right manner. Remember that the float switch should rise when the water level goes up in order to activate the pump. As the pump drains the water, the float switch should drop until it turns off the pump. To ensure that the switch is working properly, you should move it up and down to ensure nothing is obstructing it.

The third step is to connect the garden hose to the discharge outlet. A sump pump comes with two garden hose adapters that should help you to connect your hose to the pump. By now, you will have everything set up, and the only thing remaining is to give the pump a test run. Plug in the pump to a GFCI-protected receptacle and test the sump pump for proper operation.


Buying Guide of Pool Drainage Sump Pumps

With all the sump pumps that are available in the market, buying the right pool drainage pump might be a bit challenging. Luckily, I have compiled a detailed guide that should help you make the right choice. Always consider the following factors whenever you are shopping for the best pool drainage sump pump.

  • Pump Rate

The most important factor in a sump pump is its flow rate. A pump that has a high flow rate will take less time to drain water from a swimming pool. You can tell the flow rate by checking the GPH rate. This is simply the number of gallons the pump can remove in an hour. Of course, the pump rate will also depend on the motor. To be on the safe side, you should go for a submersible pump that has ½ HP motor or above. Anything below that will drain the water at a slow rate.

  • Type of switch

Another critical factor that most people forget is the kind of switch that a sump pump uses. The switch can either be mechanical or automatic. You should avoid buying pumps that need to be turned on manually. A good pump should have a float switch or a switch that is controlled by sensors. You want a switch that will activate automatically when the water levels rise. Moreover, the switch should turn off the pump automatically when the water level decreases.

  • Screen vs. No screen 

If you want to get your hands on a sump pump that will last you for many years, then choose a pump with a screen. This is an important feature that prevents debris from getting into the impeller and cause clogging. Pumps that do not have a filter or screen are more likely to get damaged because of the buildup of debris.

  • Design

The design of a pool drainage sump pump should influence your purchasing decision. Before adding any pump into your shopping cart, make sure it has a lightweight design. Besides, the pump itself should have an appealing design so that it can improve the aesthetics of your backyard.

  • Construction

Before you decide on which sump pump is right for you, check the material that has been used to make it.  You want a pump that can last for a long time, despite being submerged in water. The best sump pumps are made using a Thermoplastic material to prevent corrosion. This type of construction ensures that the motor and metallic parts are always protected.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever the issue of sump pumps is mentioned, there will always be a few questions that people are going to ask. I have compiled the most common questions and answered them briefly.

  • How long can a sump pump last?

There is no definite answer to this question. However, the life expectancy of a sump pump depends on the quality and how often you use it. The best sump pumps in the market should last for 10 years before the need for replacement arises. Remember that the acidity and dirtiness of your pool water might affect the life expectancy of your pump.

  • Is there a problem if a sump pump runs continuously?

It is not normal for a pump to run non-stop, but it does happen from time to time. In most cases, such a scenario should tell you that there is a malfunction in the system. Keep in mind that a sump pump can overheat and breakdown if it runs continuously for a long time. Have your pump serviced as soon as you notice such a problem.

  • Does a sump pump automatically remove water from the pool?

Well, the answer depends on the kind of sump pump you are using. Some pumps are automatic, while others require you to start them manually. The other thing that determines how the pump function is the  switch. Float switches tend to automate the entire process, and this means you don’t have to turn on/off the pump manually.

  • Which brands are the most reliable?

Honestly, the brand name does not matter as long as the quality is there. All in all, you can count on brands such as WAYNE, ZOELLER, Superior Pump, and Yescom.


If you want to get the best out of your swimming pool, taking care of it during the off-season months is inevitable. Investing in the best pool drain sump pump is a step in the right direction when it comes to maintaining your swimming pool. With this home improvement tool, your backyard pool will always be in good condition. Moreover, most sump pumps can be used in various scenarios, and this means you will be getting value for your money. Other than draining pools, you can use it to remove water from a pond, basement, pool cover, and a flooded backyard as well.

Now that you have several brands and models to choose from, it will be much easier for you to get a sump pump that suits your needs. All the brands that we have reviewed will serve you for a long time; don’t hesitate to purchase the pump that has caught your eye.

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