Best Wayne Sump Pumps Reviews For 2021

One of the greatest fears of homeowners, particularly those with basements is unexpected flooding in these areas. We all know for a fact that water damage could happen, especially if the water stays too long. How to resolve this unpredictable circumstance? Every homeowner should invest in any of the Wayne Sump Pumps. These pumps come in various models, fully submersible in areas where you need to draw out water such as swimming pools, garden, sewage, basements as well as crawlspaces.

With our efforts to continually guide customers in their purchases, I have prepared an extensive review of the best Wayne Sump Pumps. What is the coverage of this review? It unravels a collection of the Wayne Sump Pumps, their pros and cons including other issues that may concern any potential buyer. Take time reading this review and you will find the most suitable sump pump that will pump out water at any confined area.

Top 5 Best Wayne Sump Pumps Reviews


WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Sump Pump

First on my list of Wayne’s different models of sump pumps is the WAYNE CDU980E ¾ HP Submersible Cast Iron Stainless Steel Sump Pump. This equipment unit bears the same qualities that other Wayne products have such as dependability and trustworthiness. Now, let’s take a closer look at this sump pump’s special features. All parts that were used to construct this sump pump mostly originated from abroad and the USA. The equipment undergoes assembly and tested to ensure it’s compliant to Wayne’s standard of quality and performance.

The WAYNE CDU980E boasts of a top-performing ¾ horsepower sump pump. The housing composition of this sump pump is stainless steel. The base is made from cast-iron and plastic, which makes it resilient to water even when submerged for prolonged periods. As for portability, this equipment unit can be easily carried. It’s designed and built can penetrate efficiently in a sump pit where water seepage or flooding occurs.

How about its suction efficiency? I did find its suctioning system quite impressive. This product’s suctioning system is connected together, ensuring the pump continues to draw out water without disruption. The innovative suctioning design prevents the accumulation of debris, so water is pumped out continuously.

What is the water flow capacity of this sump pump? This sump pump water flow is approximately 4,600 GPH (gallons per hour) at the ¾ horsepower. That’s a tremendous amount of water being drawn at a targeted area from the original position. If you will propel water via an upward position of around 20 feet, the water flow range could go down to 3,500 GPH.

The product’s pump activation is triggered by up to 1,000 cycles. The service life expectancy of this sump pump is long-term due to the premium quality materials used.


  • This equipment unit is built with ¾ horsepower sump pump, stainless steel housing, the base from cast iron and hardened plastic
  • The product is offered with 5-years warranty coverage
  • This model can be used in drawing out water in sump pump pit areas


  • Homeowners may feel overwhelmed with the sump pump performance, especially if intended for home use only
  • The user will need to align first the float switch or else it won’t be activated or switched on

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Wayne VIP50 1/2 HP Portable Electric Water Removal Pump

The next on Wayne’s sump pump product is the Wayne VIP50 with ½ HP Thermoplastic Portable Electric Water Removal Pump. I won’t keep you waiting too long. Let’s go over its highlighted features.

With regards to this unit’s water pumping capacity or water flow rate, I reckon it’s fairly decent as this water removal pump can draw out 2,500 gallons per hour. That’s still a tremendous amount of water that can be removed down the basement on an hourly basis. I’m sure homeowners will resolve water seepage down the basement in no time.

How about its suctioning ability? This product is built with bottom suction. It can easily suction water out on any surface with 1/8 inch and pass through even up to 3/8 inch solids debris such as leaves and pebbles with no issue of clogging. The Wayne VIP ½ horsepower electric removal pump can operate in water level around 2 5/8 inch.

The material composition of this portable sump pump is sealed thermoplastic, proven to withstand in any natural environment. The sump pump’s adapter is ¾ inch malleable discharge adapter. It can be easily attached to the garden hose. The housing structure of this pump is made from reinforced glass with an impeller shaft and volute. The glass material can work in any weather condition, not prone to damage and pumps effectively.

How about installation and maintenance? This product has an easy installation instruction and easy to clean and maintain. The general uses of this is to pump out the water in flooded areas like basements, boats, aquariums, rain barrels including window wells.

Is it covered with a warranty? This product of Wayne is also covered with a warranty on repair or replacements of parts for up to 1-year. The warranty limitations apply on parts damaged due to user’s misuse or mishandling.


  • Excellent output, it can pump out 2,500 gallons of water in an hour
  • Very durable product surely worth your money
  • The installation instruction of this sump pump is easy to follow
  • The size of the sump pump is very handy and portable


  • The product has no switch attached (on and off)

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WAYNE CDU790 1/3 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump

The WAYNE CDU 790 1/3 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump is another model to consider. This equipment will work best in most basements. Here are some of the features I found to be worthy of your money.

Performance rate, I’m truly satisfied with its excellent capability when compared with other models of sump pumps sold in the market. Its water pumping capacity is 4,600 gallons per hour, made possible with the 1/3 horsepower motor.

The product is designed with an integrated vertical float adapter and automatically switches on when the water level reaches up to 9 inches, then, turns off when water level subsides to 4 inches. Its systematic operation feature ensures homeowners dealing with water submersion down their basements to resolve this problem. Plus, they get to enjoy a damp-free and dry basement.

The difference with this sump pump with other models of water pumps is no presence of weep holes or strainer basket. Instead, it’s built with a superior suction that can filter debris and reduce incidents of airlocks.

The overall built of this sump pump is extremely durable. Its housing structure is built from cast iron with seal plated and epoxy coating. The shaft is constructed from ceramic material, ensuring no water seeps out inside the motor.

The highlighted feature of this sump pump is the ability to go beyond the expected life of 1 million cycles. What does this mean? It means this model can be for lifetime use before it will require replacement, which is a good deal for customers.


  • Built with 1/3 horsepower motor, capable of seeping out water of 4,600 gallons per hour
  • The water pump has noise-free use, ideal for homeowners
  • The product is designed and constructed to have powerful suctioning, filter debris while preventing airlocks


  • This product has no provision for a spare battery system

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WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump

The next model that Wayne brand is proud to release in the market is the WAYNE ESP25 with 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump with Audible Alarm. What makes this model a standout among other water pumps available in the market? Here’s what I discovered.

First of all, this model of sump pump comes with a back-up battery system. Anyone can freely use it without any problem of disruption. How is that possible? Its back-up system assures the user that this equipment is fully charged. Plus, the audible alarm built with LED lights indicates user the status level of the battery.

Second, the WAYNE ESP25 boast of having a float design switch, that can easily fit in small sump pits. It also assures the user that the float switch won’t hang up.

The water pumping rate of this sump pump is approximately 3,300 gallons per hour. That’s a relatively huge amount of water drawn out in any area experiencing water seepage or flooding.

Third, this equipment is highly recommended for domestic use, particularly in drying a flooded basement. It can also work in small pit areas. Fourth, the product is fully assembled in USA with parts sourced in the USA and abroad

Fifth, this model of Wayne has easy installation. Anyone can quickly set it up and ready for use in a span of few minutes. The installation procedure will not even require changes in the plumbing system.


  • The product is the USA assembled, parts may have a domestic or foreign composition
  • The sump pump has easy installation requirement, no changes in the plumbing system
  • The water rate capacity of this unit is at least 3,300 gallons per hour
  • This equipment is ideal for home use, particularly in basement areas
  • Built and designed to have a back-up battery system, audible alarm system with LED lights indicating battery status level


  • Battery is not included in the packaging
  • The back-up battery system may require additional sump width

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WAYNE CDU800 1/2 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump

The last model of Wayne’s collection sump pumps is the WAYNE CDU800 with ½ horsepower. Here are some of the features that made this model on my top five list of sump pumps.

I did find the overall built of this sump pump truly astounding. It’s made from superior quality stainless material with cast iron. I’m sure this sump pump can cope in most conditions and remain efficient to its intended purpose of seeping out water. The steel and cast-iron composition make this sump pump rust-free and corrosion-resistant.

This product is designed with a float adapter. It’s built with a tiny ball filled with air. This tiny ball floats up and signals the sump pump to automatically switch off when caught up in the wrong position. This ensures the unit stops when no more water to seep.

The water flow rate of this model is 4,200 gallons per hour, which I think would be sufficient in removing water down the household basement.


  • This product is robustly built with material components derived from cast iron and steel
  • It has a float design switch with a tiny ball filled with air, power activated when the tiny ball floats and stopped when it’s caught up in a wrong position
  • The water flow rate of this sump pump is 4,200 gallons per hour
  • The manufacturer recommends this product for domestic use, specifically in flooded basements
  • The suctioning system is very efficient in airlocks reduction as well as accumulation of debris


  • The ½ horsepower could be an issue of overloading in a household setting, especially if the sump pump is used often on flooded basement
  • Reported cases of rust formation to happen on the metal housing of the sump pump

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Information About Wayne Brand

Wayne brand was introduced by Norbert G. Berghoff in 1928, which led to the Wayne Home Equipment Company, situated in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company is known for manufacturing oil burners used for home furnaces, water including boilers and industrial ovens. As the company grows rapidly in the oil burner industry, it later encountered challenges when the demand for oil burners became seasonal.

The high demands for use of oil burners were only concentrated during fall and winter seasons. So, the company decided to venture into another product that will fill in their earnings in the summer and spring seasons. This led to the production of a water pump in the 1940s. Wayne invested in the acquisition of Zepher Pump company which was located in Decatur, Illinois. Then, afterward moved the facility to their oil division to cut down on transportation and manufacturing costs.

It was in 1978 that the Berghoff family that they decided to resell their home equipment company to Scott Fetzer firm. The home equipment company stayed in Fort Wayne until August 1991, then, was relocated to Harrison, Ohio, now considered as their official headquarter.

The Wayne brand has been in the industry for over 70 years and remained a key player in the production of water pump products. The company is committed to providing customers innovative products that will make the lives of homeowners comfortable.



What Key Features to Look for When Buying Wayne Sump Pumps?

Any potential buyer must be guided on features that would make a sump pump worthy of the money spent. Below are some of the key features to consider when making a final selection on various models of Wayne sump pumps.

  • Operational mechanism (pedestal or submersible)

Sump pumps do come in two operational mechanisms, either pedestal or submersible operated. For pedestal sump pump the operational requirement is above the floor of a sump pit whereas the submersible sump pump works inside the sump basin. The price of a pedestal sump pump is relatively lower than the submersible pump. However, if you will compare their overall performance, I suggest the submersible pump is a lot better because it is noise-free and highly reliable when it comes to suctioning than the pedestal sump pump.

  • Presence of battery back-up

Yes, this is a vital feature that any potential buyer should look at when buying a sump pump, the presence of a battery back-up system. Keep in mind, the electricity output of a household may not be sufficient to supply the need of a sump pump built with high horsepower motor. That’s why having a reliable back-up battery system will prevent overloading in households. The ideal sump pump must have an integrated back-up battery so that it can work even in confined basements with no power outlet.

  • Pumping construction

Sump pumps are constructed uniquely. The most suitable sump pump should be built with a pumping system that can work in any condition like a flooded basement, small pit area or filled with debris. The material used for its housing structure must be stainless steel with cast iron.

  • Pumping flow rate

The next feature that would make a top performing sump pump is the pumping flow rate. The best sump pump should be capable of pumping out water at a huge amount and a lesser time frame. The Wayne collection of sump pumps usually has a pumping flow rate ranging 4,200 up to a maximum of 6,100 gallons per hour. That’s indeed a plus point to any homeowner that experiences recurring basement flooding.

  • Ratings of sump pumps based on horsepower

Most of the models of sump pumps are rated based on the horsepower motor built inside their units. If you plan to use the sump pump for domestic use like the basement, the recommended sump pump must have at least 1/3 horsepower motor, However, if you have a huge basement, then, a sump pump with higher horsepower like ¾ should be the best option.

  • Water flow rate vs purpose

The next thing to consider when making a selection with many models of the sump pump is to focus on the unit’s water flow rate rather than purpose. You may come across models with multi-purpose such as for pools, ponds, aquarium or basement while others are specifically designed for basements. If your household basement is prone to serious flooding, especially during a heavy downpour, then, it would be more practical to buy a sump pump that can quickly pump out water. Remember, a flash flooding can fill the entire basement and if your pump has a low water flow rate, your basement might be facing severe water damage and repairs could be costly.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do most Wayne sump pumps produce too much noise?

Not all models of sump pumps produce too much noise while in operation. A premium sump pump generally has noise-free use, making it a suitable pump for households. You need to check on the sump pump’s motor to determine whether it creates much noise or less noise.

  • What is the expected life cycle of a sump pump battery?

Some sump pumps come with a back-up battery system. The life cycle of a sump pump is usually dependent on the amps mentioned on the battery and the size. For example, a model of sump pump has an 80-amp battery back-up that can pump out the water of approximately 4,000 gallons until it drains.

  • What is the ideal horsepower motor should I buy?

It really depends on the user’s needs based on the size of the sump pit needing water removal and exposure to different weather conditions. Of course, the higher the horsepower of the motor of a sump pump the more reliable it can be when it comes to pumping out water from a targeted area. So, if you reside in an area where heavy rainfall is expected, then you have to invest in a higher horsepower motor.


Owning a sump pump would greatly make an impact on your household, especially when situated in a low-lying area and exposed to torrential rains. Flash floods as well as keeping the basement and other crawlspaces dry can be accomplished with the use of a top-notch sump pump. If you are planning to invest your money on a sump pump, why not checkout the best Wayne sum pumps in this review. I’m sure any of the models mentioned above will suit your needs. Get your sump pump now before severe flooding results in more destruction to your house and premises.

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