Best Sump Pump Float Switch Reviews 2021

If you own a sump pump, chances are you’ve been replacing your float switch now and then. Getting your hands on the best sump pump float switch should solve your problems forever. The problem with most homeowners is the fact that they want to purchase these accessories from unreliable stores. As you probably know, cheap is always expensive. Choosing a cheap float switch means that you will have to replace it after a few weeks or months.

Now that most of you are enquiring about float switches, I decided to go out of my way and compile for you a detailed guide on the top-rated float switches. There is a lot of information that you are going to learn here. It is best for you to keep reading until you are comfortable about buying a new sump pump float switch.

Top 6 Best Rated Sump Pump Float Switch Reviews

Most homeowners find it challenging to choose an excellent float switch because the market is full of so many brands. Not every brand is going to match your expectations. Luckily, I have hand-picked the most reliable brands that you can choose from. All these products I have reviewed will work flawlessly.



If you are looking for a float switch that is compatible with most sump pumps, then THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model BWC1 is the best bet. This product has been around for a long time, and it has attracted a lot of positive reviews. The rave reviews show that this sump pump float switch is worth every penny. Let’s see what makes the BASEMENT WATCHDOG stand out among other brands.

Unlike most float switches for sump pumps, the BASEMENT WATCHDOG comes with a protective cage. This unique cage prevents wires and debris from interfering with the float. It also comes with a hose clamp that allows you to install floats at any level. The protective cage has two large floats in it, and this is a huge plus because if one fails, then the second one will automatically take over.

The large float acts as the main float, and it is designed to activate your sump pump if water levels rise by ¼ inch. Once the pump does its job, and the float drops to the original position, then the pump will continue running for an extra 10 seconds to ensure that the sump pit is completely drained. Keep in mind that the second float only works when the large float fails.

Product Highlights

  • Compatible with so many sump pumps
  • Comes with two floats
  • UL/cUL listed
  • Automatic pump activation
  • Comes with a protective cage
  • Has a curved bottom to prevent debris from building up


  • It is easy to install
  • Has a protective enclosure that ensures there is no interference from debris and wires
  • Allows the pump to run for an additional 10 seconds in order to drain excess water
  • You can use it as a replacement switch for the most common sump pumps
  • You can install the float at any level


  • Some users complain that the control unit keeps running even when the water level drops
  • It might not last for long

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Zoeller 004892 Replacement Switch for 50 and 90 Series Pumps

The other option you have is the Zoeller 004892 Replacement Switch. It is one of the oldest float switches in the market, and people who understand its worth are still buying it. You can use the Zoeller 004892 as a replacement switch for most Zoeller Sump pumps. Below are some of the attributes that make this float switch one of the best.

From the look of things, you can tell that Zoeller 004892 does not have a complicated design. It is a simple float switch that any homeowner can install by themselves. Installing this model should not take you more than 30 minutes if you follow the instructions correctly. You will even notice that the wiring is pretty simple; you just have to connect the white to white wire and black to the black wire as well.

If you are looking to improve the performance of your submersible pump, then the Zoeller 004892 should do a pretty good job. It works pretty well with the 53, 55, 57, 59, 97, and 98 Zoeller sump pumps. This float switch should serve you for 3 to 4 years, depending on how you are using it.

Product highlights

  • It is capable of handling continuous pump cycles during rainy days
  • Comes with an installation manual
  • It is compatible with the 50 and 90 series sump pumps
  • Has a rubber seal


  • It can increase the life-span of Zoeller pumps by a few years
  • It is relatively easy to install
  • Great for residential and commercial usage
  • It can work on most Zoeller pumps as long as they are in the 50 and 90 series
  • It is durable and quite affordable


  • Some users complained that the switch is a bit stiff
  • The switch might get stuck in high positions

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Superior Pump 92010 Vertical Float Switch, Black

If you are still not comfortable with our top 2 picks, then you might consider choosing the Superior Pump 92010 Vertical Switch. It is one of the best switches you will ever find in the market. Besides, it is a decent float switch for its price. Below are some of the features you might like about it.

As is the case with the best sump pump float switch, the Superior Pump 92010 model features a universal design. By this, I mean that it is compatible with different sump and utility pumps. There are no restrictions on which pumps you can use it on.

When it comes to performance, the 92010 Vertical switch does not disappoint. For starters, it can run in a maximum pumping current of 120 volts and 10 amps. This switch comes with a 10-foot water-resistant power cable that has a piggyback plug. Moreover, it comes with a mounting bracket and a clamp for easier installation. Once you have this switch fixed correctly, it will automatically power on the pump when it detects high water levels.

Product Highlights

  • This switch does not contain mercury
  • It has a 10 ft. power cord that is water-resistant
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Manufactured by SJE Rhombus
  • Has a start current of 90 amps and a run current of 10 amps


  • It is compatible with most pumps
  • It can work for an extended period without the need for replacement
  • Installation is relatively straightforward, and it should only take less than 30 minutes
  • It does not require so much power
  • It is quite effective and does not require any maintenance


  • The switch might break due to heavy flooding
  • Does not have a mechanism to keep debris away

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Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch

Our fourth pick happens to be this sump pump float switch by Flotec. It is quite popular among homeowners, mainly because of its efficiency. If you encounter a faulty switch on your submersible sump, then you should consider replacing it with the Flotec Parts 20 Fp18-15BD-P2 float switch.

One of the things that stand out about this float switch is its design. You can pair this switch with most utility pumps. It does not matter whether the float switch you were using previously was automatic or manual; the FP18-15BD-P2 can be used to replace any type of float switch as long as the diameter is 14 inches.

Installing this switch is pretty straightforward because you just have to position the float on the water level that you want the sump pump to turn on. Once you have done that, plug in the pump into the piggyback outlet and connect it into the wall.

Product Highlights

  • Piggy Back Style Plug
  • Comes with the required mounting hardware
  • Comes with a 10-inch cord
  • Great for sump pumps that use a vertical switch


  • It is easy to install
  • Can convert utility pumps into automatic pumps
  • It works consistently for years
  • This switch is corrosion-resistant
  • This product comes with two mounting options


  • Has a short cord
  • It is a bit loud

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HydroCheck Hi-Lo Pump Controller with Dual Float Switch

The HydroCheck Hi-Lo is yet another float switch that is rated among the best. HydroCheck has been in the business for a pretty long time, and they specialize in making products that prevent water damage. The company has enough experience and expertise to make one of the best float switches for sump pumps. Below are some attributes you might like about this pump controller.

For starters, this pump controller is designed to be a universal switch that can work perfectly with all types of sump pumps and utility pumps. As its name suggests, Hydrocheck Hi-Lo is a dual float switch meaning that it has two sensors. For your information, a dual float pump controller gives you the freedom to control where or when the pump turns on and off. In most cases, it’s anywhere from a ½ inch to 20 feet. The other awesome feature about this dual float switch is the fact that it sounds an alarm when your sump pump is not functioning as it should.

Product Highlights

  • It is compatible with all utility pumps and sump pumps
  • Has in-built alarms and indicators
  • Comes with a 12 ft. power cord
  • Has dual electronic sensors
  • Comes with a piggyback cord connector


  • It does not need any maintenance
  • It is durable and reliable as well
  • It increases the life of your pump
  • Has an alarm that warns you when the pump is not working perfectly
  • Has a flexible on and off range control


  • Installation is a bit complicated
  • It is designed to be used indoors only

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LevelGuard Z24801A1Z Solid State Sump Pump Switch

Our final pick happens to be the LevelGuard Z24801A1Z float switch. It is a unit that will serve you for years to come without getting damaged. If you have been dealing with sump pump switch failures at your residential home, the LevelGuard Z24801A1Z should come to your rescue.

The durability of this float switch is out of this world. It has been designed in a way that the plastic case and cord will not be destroyed by water. This is why Levelguard claims that this switch can last for so many years. The sensors on this unit can handle some dirt and bacteria buildup without affecting the performance. Most people have been raving about the sensor system because of its flawless performance.

Product Highlights

  • Has an electronic design for non-sewage applications
  • Resistant to contaminant and mineral buildup
  • Comes with redundant upper limit sensors
  • Can handle up to 3,000,000 pump cycles
  • Comes with a 15 ft. power cord


  • It has a long life as compared to most float switches
  • It can extend the life of your sump pump
  • This switch has a 5 year warranty just like all LevelGuard products
  • It comes with 15 ft cord that has a piggyback plug
  • Installation is straightforward


  • It is slightly expensive than most switches
  • Requires 24 hours to adjust the cycle after it has been installed

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Types of Float Switches

Whenever you are looking to replace your sump pump float switch, you should first understand that there are four main types. Each type has its characteristics, and this means you should find one that is ideal for a particular type of installation. In this section, I will walk you through the four main types so that you know what kind of switch is compatible with your unit.

  • Vertical Switches

These are switches that rely on a piggyback plug, and they are relatively easy to install, thus making them ideal for standard installations. If you are looking for an affordable switch that has excellent quality, then a vertical switch should be your best option. This kind of switch works pretty well in small diameter basins. A vertical switch comprises a rod, a float, and a reed switch that is enclosed within a fixed housing.

Basically, this switch relies on the movement of the float to turn the pump on and off. As the water in the sump basin increases, the float will rise with the water level. Once the float reaches a certain height, it will activate the switch and turn the pump on. The float will then fall with the water level until the switch is flipped after crossing the set height. This in turn will cause the pump to shut down.

  • Tethered Switch

If you are a DIY guy, this is probably the switch you have been using at home. A tethered switch is compatible with a pedestal sump pump. This kind of switch comprises a float that is holding mercury or a steel ball inside. The float is then attached to the basin lid or pump with a cord.

Once the water level rises, the float will extend the cord until it starts to pivot. The switch will continue to float until when the steel ball or mercury will sink and energize the switch. The same thing happens when the water level begins to fall. Basically, the cord will extend downwards until the ball or mercury sinks to the opposite side, thus triggering the pump to turn off.  A tethered switch can only be installed in a large basin because it requires a lot of space.

  • Electronic switches

As technology continues to advance, companies are now manufacturing electronic float switches. They are relatively new in the market, and most people say that they are much more effective compared to other switches. Unlike other switches, electronic units have very few moving parts, if any.

Electronic switches come in two kinds, with one type having a single or two floats enclosed in a cage while the other type features a probe that is attached at your desired level. Most people are leaning towards electronic switches because the control box is located on the outside. At least the switch will have a prolonged lifespan since it won’t be submerged.

  • Diaphragm Switch

The other type of float switch you are likely to come across is the diaphragm switch. This type utilizes a piggyback plug, and it relies on pressure to activate. A diaphragm switch is placed on the lower side of a sump pump so that it works perfectly.

When the water level in a sump basin rises, more pressure will be exerted on the switch until it activates and turns the sump pump on. On the other hand, if the water levels fall to the required level, the pressure on the switch will reduce and cause the pump to turn off.


How To Replace A Sump Pump Switch

If you notice that your sump pump is not working as it should, then know that the float switch requires to be replaced. A switch can easily get damaged because of debris buildup and lack of proper maintenance. Below are the steps you should follow when replacing your sump pump float switch.

Before you proceed to replace the switch, it is important to let the sump pump run until it drains all the water from the sump basin. After all the water has drained, you can now disconnect the unit from the power source.

The next step is to locate where the float switch is and remove it from the sump pump. Unscrew the connection on the float switch so that you can access the electric switch. Remove the damaged switch and attach the new one using waterproof glue and leave it to dry. Once the glue dries, reassemble the float switch and connect it to the sump pump. Remember to seal all the areas that had been closed previously.

If you feel that the above procedure is complicated for you, then you should attach a plug-in switch. You just have to add a new external float switch with a piggyback plug so that you can bypass the circuit of the existing float switch. Make sure you use silicone to seal the housing. Once you are through with that, attach the new switch to the pump enclosure using a zip tie. Now plug the switch into the outlet and connect the bypass plug into the switch. Make sure you make the right adjustments so that the pump will turn on at your preferred water level. Once you are satisfied with everything, secure the new float switch by tightening the zip tie.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions most people ask when it comes to issues related to a sump pump float switch.

  • Is a dual float switch better than a single float switch?

A dual float is not necessarily better than a single float switch. However, there is an advantage of added reliability when you choose a dual float switch. Remember that both floats are meant to activate the pump. Should the primary float fail, then the second float will automatically take over.

  • Which is the most reliable brand when it comes to a float switch?

Well, there are so many brands out there. Some are upcoming brands, while others have been in the market for a very long time. There is no harm in trying new brands, but in most cases, I would recommend you to go with big brands such as Zoeller, Flotec, Basement Watchdog, Superior Pump or LevelGuard. They have been in the industry for a long time, and most homeowners are happy with their products.

  • Are all float switches compatible with my sump pump?

In most cases, the float switches I have reviewed can be used as a replacement switch for your sump pump. Some might not be compatible, depending on the type of switch you are using and the sump pump as well. Make sure you check the compatibility before adding any item into your shopping cart.


A float switch is the most vital part of a sump pump. Without this part, then your sump pump will just be a useless unit. Most people find it confusing when shopping for a replacement because they do not know what kind of switch they should use. Knowing how your sump pump works and the type of switch it uses will help you make the right purchase.

Now that we have reviewed some of the best sump pump float switches, choosing the right one will be a walk in the park. The good thing is that most of these switches are easy to install; you just have to follow the instructions, and you will be good to go.

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