WAYNE CDU800 Sump Pump Review


Have incessant rains been giving you a headache? More than that, has rainwater flooded your home’s basement and drenched everything inside?

If basement flooding is a problem you’ve been struggling with because of too much rain or an overflowing perimeter drain, a sump pump can greatly benefit you. Sump pumps can help remove water accumulated in sump basins, usually found in most home basements. Often, such a problem confronts people whose basements are below the water table level.

Sump pumps have gained much popularity among home users over the past few decades, and that’s why after receiving several requests to review the WAYNE CDU800 Sump Pump, we’ve decided to finally give in.

So here we are today to evaluate how effective and efficient the CDU800 actually is.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Key Features of WAYNE CDU800

We know that you want to skip to the good part and know exactly what’s on offer here, so we’ll jump straight to the feature description of this pump. Here it goes.

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  • Completely Submersible to Offer Significant Benefits

The WAYNE CDU800 is a superior model of a regular sump pump with the difference that it is installed inside of the sump pump pit. This is in stark contrast to the regular sump pump, which sits above the sump pit, allowing for a lid on the top. A submersible sump pump like this one can offer several additional benefits, including increased resistance to overheating, more power, and better overall quality. More and more home users these days are opting for submersible sump pumps due to these benefits.

  • High-quality Construction Materials for More Reliability

The fully submersible pump is manufactured with coated steel and a cast-iron bottom for improved quality. A ceramic mechanical seal is provided to work smoothly in some of the most demanding environments. The top suction design of the pump filters debris and minimizes clogging. The pump’s impeller is crafted out of abrasion-resistant glass-reinforced polycarbonate for more reliability. The fasteners are built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

  • Extremely High Water Removal Capacity

This 1/2 HP submersible pump is built to remove varying quantities of water, depending on the height at which it is installed. If installed at the height of 20 feet, it can move 2,040 gallons of water per hour. Starting from this, as you keep decreasing the height of installation, the quantity of water moved will keep on increasing. At the lowest height of 0 feet, the pump can move a staggering 5,100 gallons of water per hour.

  • Designed to Withstand Damage

This pump is meant for use in an 11-inch diameter or larger sump basins. It works at 9 inches on the level and 4 inches off level. The vertical two-pole switch on the pump helps prevent basement flooding, and disconnecting 115-volt conductors prevent damage from lightning. Moreover, the pump is equipped with an automatic overload mechanism that prevents damage to its motor windings. Unlike other sump pumps, the oil bearings of this pump are permanently lubricated and hence don’t need frequently oiling.

  • Easy to Install & Handle

Installing a submersible sump pump can often be challenging. There can be too many parts to fit in the right places, and it can get even more challenging if there’s no instruction manual to accompany the product. In the case of this pump, however, installation is a breeze. The manufacturer claims that you can set up the pump for operation within 15 minutes flat and that too, without needing any plumbing changes. Moreover, the pump comes equipped with an easy carry handle for improved portability and secure handling.

  • Quiet Operation So You Can Have a Sound Sleep

Noisy sump pumps can often be a cause of disturbance for you as well as your neighbors. With this model, however, you don’t have to worry about too much sound. This submersible pump has been specifically designed to operate quietly. Its cast-iron housing contributes to its low-noise operation while imparting it a long life and durability.


  • High-performance pump that can move up to 5,100 GPH
  • Durable cast iron base and easy carry handle for enhanced portability
  • 1-1/2 inch discharge creates maximum flow
  • Designed to withstand damage
  • Easy installation and secure handling


  • The pump might stop working after one tryst with heavy rains
  • The bottom of the pump might start to rust pretty soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space does it occupy?

The WAYNE CDU800 has been designed to save space. It operates vertically, leaving room in the basement for other things like bikes, boxes, and tools. It can easily fit in sump basins that are 11 inches in diameter or larger.

  • Does it come with an extendible power cord?

If your power socket is installed a bit far from the sump basin, that’s not an issue for this pump. It comes with a waterproof 3-prong grounding wire with an 8-foot extension to reach distant outlets.

  • Is there any warranty offered with this product?

Yes, WAYNE offers a three-year warranty with this sump pump. It is intended for indoor use only.

  • Why should I buy this pump and not a regular sump pump?

The most straightforward answer is that this pump is more advanced than any other regular sump pump since it is completely submersible. A submersible sump pump can offer many additional benefits over and above a regular sump pump like prevention of overheating and higher water moving capability.

To Wrap it Up

All in all, the WAYNE CDU800 makes for a pretty good choice if you’re looking for a reliable way to rid your basement of rain or drain water. The pump is easy to install and work with, so even if it is your first time using a submersible pump, you’re good to go.

Though some product users have faced issues with it after exposure to one bout of heavy rains, many others have found it to be quite long-lasting and useful.

We’d say go for it if the price fits within your budget, but to be sure, reading some more about this product can give you more clarity.

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