WAYNE CDU980E Sump Pump Review


If you are looking for a submersible sump pump that offers versatility, longevity and active noise cancellation performance, then you should definitely consider the WAYNE CDU980E! With over 80 years of experience in the industry, WAYNE has managed to establish itself as a pioneer and go-to brand when it comes to effective pump systems. As one of the most popular models, WAYNE CDU980E is a trendsetter in many regards! Here are some enticing features that helps set it apart from its counterparts:

Features of the WAYNE CDU980E Sump Pump

From a sturdy design and built to a powerful sucking system that requires zero to little effort in terms of installation, the WAYNE CDU980E offers its users a unique experience in the history of submersible sump pumps.

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  • Highly durable and robust design

Build to last a lifetime, the WAYNE CDU980E will make sure to provide uninterrupted service for much longer compared to others. The overall design of the sump pump consists of multiple durable aspects that ensure longevity. For starters, the housing of this cast iron pump is made with stainless steel material which is not only lightweight but also corrosion resistant. Additionally, there are premium quality John Crane Carbon/Ceramic shaft seals with a lightweight cast iron seal plate that ensures protection against any leakages and galvanic corrosion as well. Furthermore, the upper and lower ball bearings have encapsulated oil bathed engineering that not only makes sure the motor has a relatively silent operation but also helps protect against unnecessary friction. Finally, there is also a glass reinforced polycarbonate impeller that protects against potential abrasions and ensures reliable functioning.

  • Sturdy motor with maximum suction capacity

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the WAYNE CDU980E is its powerful motor with maximum suction power! With a ¾ horsepower motor, the system has the capacity to suck at-least 4600 gallons of unwanted water per hour! At 26 feet, the sump pump allows for an extended pumping height. Furthermore, the energy efficient motor is designed to provide an ultra-quiet experience so that users can comfortably work on other projects alongside! Moreover, the motor is thermally protected with an oil filled design for added longevity.While the motor is designed to suck 4600 gallons per hour at 0 feet, the suction power reduces by at-least 1000 gallons per hour every 10 to 15 feet. However, even at a maximum of 20 feet, the motor will work at a much higher rate of 1100 gallons per hour compared to its counterparts.

  • User friendly with easy installation

One of the best features of the WAYNE CDU980E is that not only is it easy to use but also requires little effort in terms of installation. The sump pump can be up and running in only 15 minutes without requiring any professional support from plumbers and handymen! The user needs to make sure that there is at least an 11 inch diameter pit before installation as the sump pump is particular designed to work with a base minimum width. Other than that, the installation steps are fairly simple to follow whereby the user will need to place the pump in the drain, adequately attach the discharge pipe to it and connect the system to an on-going power supply. There is an 8 inch water resistant power chord given in the packaging that can be easily attached to a regular 120V power outlet usually found in households. Aside from this, users are recommended to attach a check valve which can be bought separately to ensure that there is not a reverse flow into the drain when the pump is not in use.


  • The pump is designed to automatically stop working when the water level goes below 4 inches.
  • The suction design of the pump inhibits any large debris from entering it therefore protecting against any potential clogs.
  • The float guard protects the vertical float switch from getting damaged against any loose debris.
  • The motor’s efficient working reduces overall electricity consumption.
  • The pumps design makes sure that it is fully submersible and conveniently sucking the very bottom of the pit.


  • The power chord is limited in size at 8 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the WAYNE CDU980E feature automated running?

Yes. The WAYNE CDU980E is designed to enhance convenience without compromising on protection. The floatable vertical switch comes with a floating guard that protects it against loose debris. Additionally, the pump is designed to start working automatically when the water level is at a minimum of 9 inches. Additionally, it is also designed to switch off/on its own when the levels are below or at 4 inches.

  • Can the WAYNE CDU980E release clogs automatically?

No. This is primarily because the WAYNE CDU980E is not designed to clog in the first place. The unique design of the pump prevents any potential debris from clogging the pump.

  • How noisy is theWAYNE CDU980E?

Not at all! This is one of the best features of the WAYNE CDU980E! The pump features an oil bath design with upper and lower ball bearings which when combined with the surrounding water automatically reduce overall noise pollution.

  • Do you need to hire professional help to install the WAYNE CDU980E?

No. The WAYNE CDU980E can be easily installed by the owner without requiring any additional professional help which can otherwise increase overhead costs. The user is required to check for basic underlying requirements such as an 11 inch diameter pit and a compatible drain. Other than that, the installation process is fairly simple from positioning the pump against the drain, adequately attaching the discharge pipe and finally connecting to a power supply.


If you are looking for a highly durable, sustainable and powerful sump pump, then you should definitely opt for the WAYNE CDU980E! This pump is the epitome of longevity with its supremely durable features, practically quiet operation and user friendly installation and usage! Made with a combination of high quality stainless steel and cast iron that will protect against erosion and, the pump allows for versatile utility ranging from basements to swimming pools!

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